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Tonight I Choose to Shut the Door.

I preface this writing with a note for you….in case this is confusing in anyway.Sometimes I talk about “parts” of myself like they are separate from me.It makes it easier for me to separate from them, but could potentially make you think I have multiple personalities.Ha!Not the case…’s just a process for me.So with that minor explanation….I will proceed.
I had a visitor tonight.While I was beginning to pack up for my vacation in a few days, I realized that there had been someone banging on my mental door all day.And once I realized who was there, I had a hard time telling her to leave.
See, we are leaving in a few days for Hawaii.If you know me, you know this is one of my favorite places on the face of the planet and when I am there, I reach a place of Zen.It’s my happy place.It’s a place where I just genuinely find my peace.So all week, I have been excited to pack.To get ready to go.
And then today, I woke up with a nagging feeling of upset and sad.I couldn’t figure it out.I spen…

A trip down the stairs...

Today a friend of mine posted a video of her little son going down the stairs with a caption of “this is why it takes forever to go down a flight of stairs these days.”It was adorable.He took a step.He looked at her, and he applauded himself and squealed “YAY!” And he had a look of pure JOY each time.Every. Stair.It was awesome.
And it inspired me.
Why do we have to praise ourselves only when we achieve super human feats? You know what I mean?We all have end goals.We all want to achieve great things, but what if along the journey we were all just happy because we did something small.What if we were happy because we accomplished SOMETHING in our day.I think we all need a few more pats on the back.
Yay me!I made it through today without eating crap!Yahoo!I got up today and got going, even though I was feeling cruddy and wanted to lay around!WOO HOO!I parallel parked my car in the appropriate number of turns!I’M AWESOME RIGHT NOW!Why do I have to wait until I do something HUGE??
You kno…