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Self Worth Beats Net Worth!

Ding Dong....the BOOT IS GONE!   (I wish there was some way to notate sing songy voice in typing!  ha)

Yup, it's true.   The dreaded boot is gone from my life, and I have been given a 3 week trial from my doctor to see how I can do without it.   So Good!   I am trying to be responsible and "ease back" into my exercise, and I am so glad to not be lugging that extra bit of weight around with me.

However, my experience with all of this has gotten me to thinking.   Many of you who follow me on here have written and said that it isn't the end goal of finishing the race that makes me a princess, but the epiphanies that I've had and will have along the way that simply open the door for me to see what has perhaps always been there.   I'm beginning to see some merit to this way of thinking.

I have spent my entire life not giving myself credit, but instead tearing away at my own self esteem and sense of worth.    I sort of feel like I've been living with n…

90 Days and the Jury is still out.

90 days.   Tomorrow it will have been 90 days in the boot.   That is 3 months.   Too long.    Most things have a 90 day money back guarantee.   I'm not happy.   I want my money back.

What have I learned in those 90 days?  

1.   I have learned that wearing a boot is uncomfortable and hot.

2.   I have learned that I can continue to exercise even without the use of          my foot.

3.  I have learned that strangers feel compelled to ask you what happened and then share their own tales of woe.

4.  I have learned that things don't always go my way.

5.  Finally, I have learned that if you think you know better than your doctor, you are probably wrong.

I'm not sure what this means, but I feel like to keep true to my blog, I need to write it.   I have 2 more weeks with the boot before another checkup.    Then we decide if surgery is necessary.   My vote is no.   I am finding that my vote doesn't count often enough when it comes to this.  Unfortunately there is no customer rel…