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For Andy....and Awareness

In recognition of Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, I wanted to share a little bit about Andy’s story.Some of you have been around since the beginning of his story, some of you haven’t and only know him now.Either way, he’s a fighter.And we are ALL lucky to have him in our lives.

Andy was born July 8, 2004.He was three weeks early, but still arrived weighing 7lb. 11oz. and 21 inches long!We were induced, because my blood pressure was a mess, but all went well.He was a beautiful little man.
All I can tell you though, is that from the beginning, I just KNEW something was not right.Call it mother’s intuition, call it voodoo, call it whatever you like, but I knew.He cried…ALL the time.And I know what colic looks like, but this baby cried if he was awake.He puked…EVERYTHING.And from here, it progressed.
Within a few weeks, he was choking when he ate.He aspirated.He stopped breathing.It’s hard to say this about your child, but he scared me.He scared EVERYONE.I have a dear friend who is …