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Today's thoughts are brought to you by Target.....or at least conversations there!

I saw a dear friend of mine at Target yesterday.   It was nice to chat, but we ended up commiserating about how we had "lost a little mojo" on the exercise front.   Me with my injury, and she with some life and home changes that had been going on.   It wasn't a bitch session, but rather....we both ended up saying we really enjoyed having the extra time we used to fill up with exercise.

This really got me thinking.  I really enjoy exercise, and I am really enjoying working towards a goal, but I'm wondering if I am doing it in a completely balanced way.   I mean...having a goal is great, it's exciting, and it's such a rush to complete....but I think perhaps I have been focusing too much on the end result, and not enough on the here and now.

I had noticed that the laundry was piling up, the house wasn't as clean as I liked, and I felt like I was neglecting some of the other aspects of my life.   Now that I've slowed down a little, I have regained the w…

Tough Girl Radio

I have always loved Pat Benetar.   I sang her songs when they first came out on the radio (remember when you only heard songs on the radio?), I bought her cassette tapes in my teens, I bought her greatest hits CD in my twenties, and I even sang her songs karaoke style at my bachelorette party in my thirties (and maybe a few other times).   I still turn up the radio really loud when I hear her music.   It makes me happy, and fills me with girl power.

This morning as I lay in bed not wanting to get up because it was rainy and chilly, I was listening to the radio, and guess what came on.........Pat Benetar's classic, "Hit me With Your Best Shot."  

I've often said that God is my DJ, and I think that this might be yet another classic case of a higher power communicating with me through my radio.  Ha.  

I've been a little down.   I went to the doctor this week, and although my toe doesn't require surgery, I do have to rest it for a while.   I can't do ANY exer…

2010...The year of the Foot!

All I can really do is laugh....although I did cry a little.

This morning in my rush to get the kids out the door so I could prepare for our visitors this weekend, I ran through my bedroom to get to the bathroom, bashed my foot into the suitcase my husband left on the floor last night when he got home, and snapped my pinky toe.    I heard the snap, I knew immediately.     Broken.

So...Jason took me to urgent care for x-rays, and sure enough...the report given was...."you broke it, really good.  Snapped it.   It's not a small break"   Nice.   I held it together until the doctor left the room, and then burst into tears.  

REALLY?   SERIOUSLY?    6-8 WEEKS?   It seems like I was just getting my momentum back and bam.   Now I'm on crutches, and not able to train like I want to for at least 6-8 weeks until this heals and I might need to have it pinned back into place.   (Oh yeah...and it's the same foot I have the coalition in so I have to be extra careful not to cau…