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When the Earth Quakes, Walls Crack.

I want live completely in the sun.
This is a simple statement, but one that I have taken a long time to come to.And when I say this, I don’t mean I want to go to the beach, or sit outside (although that would be AWESOME), what I mean is, I want to take ALL ofmy life into the sun.
To do this, I have to give a tiny bit of back story…
When Andy was born, he was not healthy.It was a tough time for us.Fast forward a few weeks in his life, and we are having long term stays at Children’s hospital. It was a very tough time.
You would think that a Children’s hospital would be full of light, but in reality, that place was dark.They had expanded building next to building with no regard to sunlight or air.Our room had two windows, both of which looked out not upon a sunny courtyard or play area, but upon a brick wall that extended floors upward blocking the sun, or any view of the outside world.I never thought of it until today, but those windows to nowhere, they closed me off.They made it impos…