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Before and.....WAIT! I'm Not Done Yet!

Before and After.There's a deceptive magic in those three little words.And I am realizing, they are words that have haunted me for a while.
Before.In the health and fitness industry, before is the sad faced woman in an outfit asize too small, wearing no makeup, and glaring at the camera.Her hair is stringy, and usually in a ponytail.She's clearly unhappy with where she is in her life.She would never smile, and in fact, she might not even have the confidence to look directly into the camera.
After, is the same woman with great posture, a tan, great lighting, and a great outfit.She is smiling, no....BEAMING at the camera.She has great makeup, and her hair is perfect.The image is flawless.She's achieved.She's won.Everyone can SEE how much better her life is now.After.It's a place you go win you succeed.And to get there, you should really LOOK the part.
This thinking makes me sad.
Not for all those folks out there who are basking in their afters.I applaud you.I know you.Yo…