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TBH.....I Pray you LIVE BIG!

This past weekend I was sitting in my driveway at a firepit, and my neighbor’s daughter (who is 14) was there and we were talking.
We were having a conversation about school, and social media, and friendship, and Homecoming, and more.This girl is amazing, and she is one of my favorite people.So much so, that I spent a night with my adult friends, talking mostly to her.And she had a lot to say…..some incredibly funny, and some pretty serious, and some that really made me think.
I was telling her something my eighth grade daughter had said to me about not wanting to do anything to embarrass herself that would follow her to high school.And my young friend exclaimed “I KNOW!!I COMPLETELY AGREE!”And I tried to impart my adult wisdom to her saying something like “be yourself” or whatever.And here is what she said…
“I know it seems that way.But I think it’s harder for my generation than it was for yours, because everything goes on Instagram or Facebook.It’s ALL out there.”
And I got to think…