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Diary of a Chubby Kid

Warning....the disclaimer on this post is that it's a little emotionally read on at your own risk.

All my life I have been obsessed with weight.   Sometimes I have been overweight, sometimes I have been underweight.   There have been times when I have used food to medicate myself, times where I just ate too much because the food was SO good and it made me happy.   There have been times where I have eaten too little, if at all, and times where I have been harmful to myself all in the name of weight.

I'm tired of it.

See, I was a chubby kid.   Not huge and roly poly, but big enough that I stood out.   I wasn't the skinny girl with blonde hair that everyone wanted to be like, I was the tall, chubby girl with glasses and not so great brown hair.   I was smart.   I was nice.   I had a lot of friends, but I was still the chubby girl.

I remember the first time someone made fun of me for that.   I was in Mrs. Madden's first grade class and on the playground some…