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What makes me full....

I’ve thought a lot about my heart lately.
It has four chambers.It pumps blood throughout my body supplying oxygen and nutrientsto my tissues to sustain my life.In it’s most basic scientific function….it is what keeps me alive. But if you look beyond science to the essence of the heart, it represents to me so much more.   It is where my soul resides.   Where I love.    Where I hurt.   And where MY very being resides.   It’s sounds a little hokey, I know….but it’s what I believe.
I have recently had some tough days.Days where I need to fall back on what I know to be true, that I am a good person who deserves happiness, and love, and compassion….
And what I have realized, is that I think my heart is leaking.
Inside my heart, I store not only my love for those in my life, but also my love for myself, and some time ago, I think the chamber that houses my own self compassion and love, has slowly begun to leak away.It wasn’t damaged, or broken, or stolen from me….it just began to slowly see…