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My "X" Factor Moment

I have been watching the new show on television called THE X FACTOR.   You know, it's the one Simon Cowell started where people with great talent get their shot to make it big?   I don't know what it is, but something about watching people who have such extraordinary talent get a chance at their dream is so inspiring to me, and if you were looking in my window at night when I watch it, you'd probably see me in tears more often than naught.  
I spent a lot of time yesterday getting caught up on DVR'd episodes, and it somehow got me really thinking about my own life.   I watched all this amazing talent and all these extraordinary stories, and I found myself wondering when my "X Factor" moment would be....
You know, I've been looking for it all my life.   That moment that would define me, and although there have been many, I wonder why it is that I can't feel like I've completed the one big thing.   
When I was younger, it was fortune and fame.   In gra…